Emergency Water Main Shutdown: Actions for Immediate Response

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Each person has their own individual way of thinking involving How to Locate & Turn Off Main Water Shut-Off Valves.

How to Turn Off the Water in an Emergency
The most common places a water main will be found in house is in your boiler room, basement, or an eliminated panel in a section for your house.
When you locate the water pipe you will merely transform the shutoff clockwise to close all the water off in your house up until you have completed the repair work. Some houses will certainly enjoy shutoff with a lever that you can pull instead of rely on shut the water off.
If you try to shut the water off to your components by utilizing an angle quit which does not function you will have to shut of the water pipe to make your fixing. There are additionally several various other reasons you might need to shut the water main like repairing frozen pipes, fixing leakages, changing components or taps.
Many individuals are not conscious that they also have a water pipe shutoff right in their very own residence and also just call a plumber of never wind up doing the repair until things obtain actually negative due to the fact that they simply do not know that shutting the water pipe is truly easy.

How to Find Your Home Water Main

Weather is becoming more extreme every year. That means higher risks of flash floods and storm surges, even in places normally not used to it. Today, we’ll give you some guidance on how to find your home’s water main (shutoff valve). Knowing where your water shutoff valve is can prevent catastrophic flood damage, longer-term plumbing damage, and help you stop plumbing leaks. It’s also something that’s just good to know.

Where is your home water main (shutoff valve)?

  • Inside your house, likely on a wall on the street side of your house

  • In warmer climates, outside your home near an outside faucet

  • Outside your house, near your curb, under a plastic or metal lid likely marked water

  • Outside your house, near your private well pump and/or near your pressure tank

  • The first three options apply if you use municipal water (i.e., city water). The fourth option applies if you use well water. So, the first step in finding your main water shutoff valve is figuring out whether your water supply is municipal or well. In general (but not always), if you pay a water bill, chances are you use municipal water.

    Now, let’s look at some specific tips for finding each kind of water shutoff valve. The best time to do this is before you need to. So, take a few minutes on a nice day to look for your shutoff valve, instead of waiting until you need to know where it is.

    Where to look INSIDE your house for the shutoff valve

    First, start by going outside to the front of your house. Look for a faucet that comes out from the wall on the outside. This will help you narrow down where your indoor water shutoff valve might be.

    Next, go back inside and to the lowest part of your house (basement or first floor). Recall where the outdoor faucet was. Walk to the location on your inside wall, about where the outside faucet appears on the outside. If you see either a lever or a wheel valve connected to metal pipes, you’ve likely found your water shutoff valve. (If not, go to the next section.)

    Then, turn the valve clockwise (to the right) until it stops. If it’s a lever-style valve (i.e., ball valve), you’ll turn it a quarter turn so that the valve is perpendicular (i.e., like a cross) to the pipe it’s connected to. If it’s a wheel-style valve (i.e., gate valve), turn the wheel clockwise until it stops.

    Near an outside faucet

    If you live in a warmer climate, check the faucets connected to your house. You’ll likely see that one of your faucets has either a lever or wheel valve right next to it. That’s your shutoff valve.

    Turn the valve clockwise (to the right) until it stops. It it’s a lever-style valve (i.e., ball valve), you’ll turn it a quarter turn so that the valve is perpendicular (i.e., like a cross) to the pipe it’s connected to. If it’s a wheel-style valve (i.e., gate valve), turn the wheel clockwise until it stops.

    In the ground near your curb

    If you didn’t find your main water supply inside or connected to your house, check your street-side curb. Your shutoff valve may be housed in a cement box with a plastic or metal lid that says water. You’ll need a water meter key, which you can buy at a hardware store, or sturdy pliers for this.

    First, you’ll first want to remove the lid. If the lid is locked, you’ll need to call your municipal water service for instructions on how to open it.

    If there’s dirt or sand inside, remove it and put it to the side. You’ll need to put it back when you’re through, as the dirt or sand prevents freezing.

    Next, you’ll likely see two valves. Only use the valve that is closest to your house. The other valve is the city valve, which you don’t want to fiddle with. (You likely won’t be able to, since it requires special tools, but just steer clear of it entirely.)

    Using the water meter key or your pliers, turn the valve clockwise to close it. Reverse the process to turn it back on. But remember: When turning the water back on, GO SLOW with your counterclockwise turn.


    How to Turn Off Water To House and Prevent Damage

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